[Movie] Life of Pi - Review

Last weekend, I was finally able to watch Life of Pi. After a week before, my twitter friend recommended that movie so badly. Now, I understand what make him being so dazzled with Life of Pi.

At glance, it was just a movie about an Indian boy, named Pi - a short for Piscine Molitor Patel, who stranded in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a Bengali Tiger.

His father was owned a zoo back then in India. Because of better-future-economic-prospect, they decided to move to Canada with all of the animals they had. In the middle of their cruise to Canada, they was hit by a huge sea-storm that destroyed their ship and drained all of his belonging. He also lost his parents, his brother, and all of his animals because of the stormy seas. The only survivor was himself, a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena, and a Bengali tiger. However, food-chain said differently. They were all die, leaving the Bengali tiger and Pi as the survivals.

Since Pi was a kid, he has shown his curiousness about everything, especially about religion they had. He shows huge interest in many beliefs. His family religion is Hindu, with many Gods. Then he was touched by the kindness of love and affection in Christian, yet he think that it was nonsense for some innocent man who sacrifice himself for others sins. Afterwards, he found that Islam's way of Shalat is fascinating. Since it makes every land he stand as a holy land. No distinction between one place or another, we can do Shalat in any place and it is a sacred place. His parents shows no objection with Pi's way of thinking, however they made him understand that even though he found that every beliefs has its own eminence, but he has to choose one to believe.  [I love the way his parents says that it's okay to learn many religion, however, in the end he has to choose one as his own way of life]
Then he found love.
He's fall in love with a traditional dancer who teach him that every dance movement has a meaning, which is to honor the universe. However, he has to leave her, since their family was about to move to Canada.

Then he was stranded in the Pacific Ocean and the story begins.

I'm not about to tell you about the story. It's something you must see yourself. I don't want to spoil your excitement when you were about to watch that movie. However, something that I noted in  that movie, is that despite the different faith we've got, it's not something we should argue about. It's just about our diverse perception on perceiving some bigger power than ourselves.

--warning spoiler ahead!

In the end of the movie, when he was interviewed by some Asian insurance company about how he can survive from the shipwreck, he told them two version of stories. One is his survival with his Bengali Tiger, which they don't believe and he said that he is hallucinating. While in another story, the survival ones was himself, his mother, an Asian sailor, and a cook. He said that the Asian sailor hurt his legs, and the cook has to amputating the sailor's leg. Yet, the cook not just ended there, he also bait the sailor to the fish so that he can survive. After a while when the cook think that the sailor could not survive and they lacking of stocks, he ate the sailor. His mother who disagree with the cook, fight the cook and ended being slaughter by the cook. But in her final breath, she was able to drained the cook so that Pi could survive.

In the end, the interviewer choose the Bengali Tiger version in their report.

Somehow, doesn't it makes you think that people usually choose what stories they want to believe. At once they didn't believe anything that they never see, never heard, and never experienced before. Then, when they was faced into another choices that seems too harsh, too cruel, too vicious, they tend to believe the first choice that sounds safer for them.

Too many things that can noted from that movie. Well, at some point it will make you think and want to discuss it. At least, that what I was doing after watching, I was discussed it with my friends.
Perhaps, after you watch it, you will have different comment than I do. It was fun to share your thought though.

Happy watching. (^_^)


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